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2002-2005 37-Cent Commemorative issues

Including rate change stamps and other regular issues from the same 37 period.


2002 issues

Scott 3613, 3 Star, 2002 date at lower left, plate number B111

Scott 3614, 3 Star, 2002 date at lower right, plate number B111

Scott 3614 var, 3¢ Star, 2002 date at lower right, local precancel, plate number B222

Scott 3614 var, 3¢ Star, vertical die cutting omitted error, plate number B111

Scott 3615, 3 Star, water activated coil, plate number S111

Scott 3616, 23 Washington water-activated sheet stamp, plate number P1 UR

Scott 3617, 23 Washington coil, used, plate number V46

Scott 3618 (left) and Scott 3619 (right), 23 Washington self-adhesive booklet, 2002 date, plate number P2

Scott 3619 var (right), vertical die cutting omitted error, from miscut booklet (Scott 3619i), 2002 date, plate number P4

Scott 3819 var, 23¢ Washington self-adhesive, 2003 date, fake local precancel, plate number V11

- The population of Wilbur, Oregon is 31 people. There are no businesses and no legitimate need for precancels
- The quality appears to be more typical of a rubber handstamp applied manually to a single stamp, rather than of an overprint-type mat with high quality ink applied in a grid to a block of stamps by a professional printer
- No example is known on cover. The precancellation appears to have been applied some time after any possible contemporary usage
- The stamp was offered along with a number of other identical suspicious local precancels on stamps spanning a quarter century

Scott 3620, (37) Flag, plate number P1111

The complete 37 Flag stamps appear on the 37 Flags page.


Steam Engine (Scott 3627) and Taxi (Scott 3628)
from Antique Toys booklet (Scott 3629b), plate number V1111

Scott 3640, 37 Fire Pumper coil, plate number B12222


Locomotive, 2002 date (Scott 3643); and Mail Car, 2002 date (Scott 3644)
from 37¢ Antique Toys booklet pane, die cut 11 (Scott 3645e), plate number V2221

Scott 3643 var, 37¢ Locomotive, 2002 date, miscut vertically, captured plate number V1111

Scott 3643 var, miscut vertically and booklet miscut, plate number V1111

Image courtesy of Stuart Katz

Scott 3644 var, 37 Taxicab, 2002 date, miscut vertically, plate number V1111


Mail Wagon, 2003 date (Scott 3642a); and Locomotive, 2003 date (Scott 3643a)
from 37¢ Antique Toys booklet pane, die cut 11 x 11-1/4 (Scott 3645h), plate number V1111


Mail Wagon, 2003 date (Scott 3642a var); and Locomotive, 2003 date (Scott 3643a var)
from 37¢ Antique Toys booklet pane, vertical die cutting omitted error (Scott 3645h var), plate number V1112

Scott 3646, 60 Coverlet Eagle, plate number P7777

Scott 3647, $3.85 Jefferson Memorial, die cut 11-1/4, 2002 date, plate number B1111

Scott 3647A, $3.85 Jefferson Memorial, die cut 11, 2003 date, plate number S11111

Scott 3648, $13.65 Capitol Dome, plate number B1111


"Daniel Webster" by Southworth & Hawes (Scott 3649a); and "Sand Dunes, Sunrise" by Ansel Adams (Scott 3649p)
from 37¢ Masters of American Photography (Scott 3649), plate number S111


Southworth & Hawes (Scott 3649a var); and Ansel Adams (Scott 3649p var)
from 37¢ Masters of American Photography, imperforate error (Scott 3649u), plate number S111

Scott 3650, 37 John James Audubon, plate number S1111111

Scott 3651, 37 Harry Houdini, plate number P1111

Scott 3652, 37 Andy Warhol, plate number S111111


Scott 3653, and Scott 3656, 37 Teddy Bears from block of 4 (Scott 3656a), plate number S1111111

Scott 3656 var, 37 Teddy Bears (Scott 3656a), horizontal pair with vertical gutter from an uncut press sheet, plate number S1111111

Scott 3657, 37 Love, plate number B22222

Scott 3658, 60 Love, plate number V11111

Scott 3659, 37 Ogden Nash, plate number V11111111

Scott 3660, 37 Duke Kahanamoku, plate number V1111


Red Bat (Scott 3661) and Spotted Bat (Scott 3664)
from 37 Bats block of 4 (Scott 3664a), plate number S1111111


Nelly Bly (Scott 3665) and Marguerite Higgins (Scott 3668)
from 37 Women in Journalism block of 4 (Scott 3668a), plate number S11111

Scott 3669, 37 Irving Berlin,  plate number V11111


Cat (Scott 3670) and Dog (Scott 3671)
from 37 Neuter and Spay (Scott 3671a), plate number S11111

Scott 3672, 37 Hanukkah,  plate number V11111

Scott 3673, 37 Kwanzaa,  plate number V1111

Scott 3674, 37 Eid,  plate number V111

Scott 3674 var, vertical die cut error (right of D of EID), plate number V111

Image courtesy of Stuart Katz

Scott 3675, 37 Gossaert Madonna from booklet pane (Scott 3675a),  plate number B1111


Snowman with plaid scarf (Scott 3676) and Snowman with top hat (Scott 3679)
from 37¢ Snowmen pane / block of 4 (Scott 3679a),  plate number V1111

Scott 3682, 37 Snowman linerless coil from strip of 4 (Scott 3683a), used, plate number G1111


Snowman with plaid scarf (Scott 3684) and Snowman with pipe (Scott 3686)
from 37¢ Snowmen booklet pane / block of 4, die cut 10-3/4 x 11 (Scott 3687a),  plate number S2222

Scott 3695, 37 Happy Birthday, plate number V1111



Alabama (Scott 3696); California (Scott 3700); Virginia (Scott 3741); and Wyoming (Scott 3745)
from 37 Greetings from America (Scott 3745a), plate number S1111

2003 issues

Scott 3746, 37 Thurgood Marshall, plate number P111

Scott 3747, 37 Year of the Ram, 2003 date, plate number B1111

Scott 3748, 37 Zora Neale Hurston, plate number S11111

Scott 3771, 80 Special Olympics, plate number V111111

Scott 3773, 37 Ohio Statehood bicentennial, plate number B1111

Scott 3774, 37 Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, plate number B1111

Scott 3781, 37 Cesar Chavez, plate number B1111

Scott 3782, 37 Louisiana Purchase, plate number S111111

Scott 3784, 37 Purple Heart, plate number B1111

Scott 3784A, 37 Purple Heart, plate number P5555

Scott 3784Ac, 37 Purple Heart, die cutting omitted error, plate number P4444

Only 3 panes of 20 with die cutting omitted have been discovered, so only 12 plate number examples are possible.

Scott 3786, 37 Audrey Hepburn, plate number S111111


Hillsborough Inlet Lighthouse (Scott 3791) and Tybee Island Lighthouse (Scott 3790)
from 37¢ Southeastern Lighthouses issue (Scott 3791a), plate number S111111

Scott 3803, 37 Korean War Memorial, plate number B1111

Scott 3807a, 37 Mary Cassatt booklet, plate number S111111


Bronko Nagurski (Scott 3808) and Red Grange (Scott 3811)
from 37 Early Football Heroes (Scott 3811a)

Scott 3812, 37 Roy Acuff, plate number V1111

Scott 3813, 37 District of Columbia, plate number S11111111


Box turtle (Scott 3818) and Chorus frog (Scott 3817)
from 37¢ Reptiles and Amphibians (Scott 3818a), plate number V1111

    Scott 3820, 37¢ Gossaert Madonna and Child, plate number P3333 Types I and II


Reindeer with Pan Flute (Scott 3821) and Reindeer with Horn (Scott 3824)
from 37¢ Christmas 2003 block of four of pane variety (Scott 3824a), plate number S1111


Santa with Drum (Scott 3822 var), plate number S1111; and Reindeer with Horn (Scott 3824 var), plate number S2222
from 37¢ Christmas 2003 booklet pane (Scott 3824b)

2004 issues

Scott 3829, 37 Snowy Egret coil, 2003 date, plate number V1111

Scott 3829A, 37 Snowy Egret coil, 2004 date, plate number P11111

Scott 3830a, 37 Snowy Egret booklet single, plate number P11111

Scott 3832, 37 Year of the Monkey, 2004 date, plate number S1111

Scott 3832 var, yellow omitted error, plate number S1(0)11

Image courtesy of Stuart Katz

Scott 3833, 37 Love Candy Hearts, plate number V1111

Scott 3834, 37 Paul Robeson, plate number S1111

Scott 3835, 37 Dr. Seuss, plate number S111111

Scott 3835 var, die cuts mis-cut horizontally, captured plate number S111111

Scott 3835a, die cutting omitted error, plate number S111111

Scott 3836, 37 single from Wedding Flowers, plate number P55555

Scott 3837, 60¢ Wedding Flowers, plate number S11111

Scott 3837 var, 60 "denomination omitted" variety. The image is shifted up (or the die cutting is shifted down) so far that plate number S11111 appears partially within the stamp image. The 60 denomination can barely be seen in the top left.

Scott 3838, 37 Air Force Academy, plate number S111111

Scott 3838 var, "die cutting omitted" error, plate number S111111

In fact there are extremely faint die cuts on this pane of 20. Even so, the item is thought to be unique.

Image courtesy of Bill Langs

Scott 3839, 37 Henry Mancini, plate number S111111


Martha Graham (Scott 3840); and George Balanchine (Scott 3843)
from 37¢ American Choreographers (Scott 3843a), plate number P111111


Scott 3840 var and Scott 3843 var, die cutting omitted error, from Scott 3843b, plate number P111111

Images courtesy of Stuart Katz

Scott 3849, (25¢) Gray Eagle coil, water activated, from strip of 10 (Scott 3853a), plate number S1111111

Scott 3854, 37 Lewis & Clark Exploring, plate number S1111-1

Scott 3854 var, local precancel, plate number S1111-1


Akari Sculpture (Scott 3857); Margaret La Farge Osborn (Scott 3858); and Figure (Scott 3861)
from 37 Sculptures of Isamu Nogushi issue (Scott 3861a), plate number P22

Scott 3862, 37 World War II Memorial, plate number P1111

Scott 3863, 37¢ Athens Olympic Games, plate number P1111

Pinocchio (Scott 3868) from 37¢ Art of Disney - Friendship (Scott 3868a), plate number S2222

Scott 3869, 37 USS Constellation, plate number P1

Scott 3870, 37 R. Buckminster Fuller, plate number P22222

Scott 3871, 37 James Baldwin, plate number P11111

Scott 3871 var, red omitted error, plate number P11111

Image courtesy of Bill Langs

Scott 3872, 37 Martin Johnson Heade "Magnolias" booklet single, plate number S1111

Scott 3873a-j 37¢ Art of the American Indian: no plate numbers

Scott 3876, 37 John Wayne, plate number S1111111

Scott 3877, 37 Sickle Cell, plate number V111111


Stratocumulus undulatus (Scott 3878k) and Cumulonumbus with tornado (Scott 3878o)
from 37¢ Cloudscapes (Scott 3878), plate number V111111


Scott 3879, 37 Christmas 2004, Monaco Madonna, booklet single Types I and II (from Scott 3879a), plate number P1111
The plate number was printed on both sides of the reversible booklet. Plate numbers and copyright notices appear at the top or bottom of the removable strips.

Scott 3879 var, die cutting omitted error (from Scott 3879b), plate number P1111

Scott 3880, 37 Hanukkah 2004, plate number S1111

Scott 3881, 37 Kwanzaa 2004, plate number P111111

Scott 3882, 37 Moss Hart, plate number V11111


Purple Santa ornament (Scott 3883) and Red Santa ornament (Scott 3886)
from 37¢ Christmas 2004 - Santas pane, die cut 11-1/2 x 11 (Scott 3886a), plate number S1111


Green Santa ornament (Scott 3884 var) and Red Santa ornament (Scott 3886 var)
from 37¢ Christmas 2004 - Santas booklet pane, die cut 11-1/2 x 11 (Scott 3886b), plate number S1111

37¢ Christmas 2004 - Santas booklet pane, die cut 10-1/4 x 10-3/4 (Scott 3890a): no plate numbers


Green Santa ornament (Scott 3891) and Red Santa ornament (Scott 3893)
from 37¢ Christmas 2004 - Santas ATM pane, die cut 8 (Scott 3894a), plate number V11111

2005 issues

Scott 3896, 37 Marian Anderson, plate number S1111

Scott 3897, 37 Ronald Reagan, plate number S1111

Scott 3898, 37 Love, plate number V1111


Hyacinth (Scott 3900) and Daffodil (Scott 3901)
from 37¢ Spring Flowers booklet (Scott 3903b), plate number P1111 Type I


Tulip (Scott 3902) and Iris (Scott 3903)
from 37¢ Spring Flowers booklet (Scott 3903b), plate number P2222 Type II

Scott 3904, 37 Robert Penn Warren, plate number S11111

Scott 3905, 37 Yip Harburg, plate number S1111


Barbara McClintock (Scott 3906) and Richard Feynman (Scott 3909)
from 37¢ Famous Scientists (Scott 3909a), plate number S11111

Scott 3909c, die cutting omitted error, from Famous Scientists (Scott 3909a), plate number S11111

Scott 3911, 37 Henry Fonda, plate number P11111


Mickey Mouse & Pluto (Scott 3912), and Snow White & Dopey (Scott 3915)
from 37¢ Art of Disney - Celebrations block of 4 (Scott 3915a), plate number S111111


Mickey Mouse & Pluto (Scott 3912 var), and Snow White & Dopey (Scott 3915 var)
from die cutting omitted error pane of 20 (Scott 3915b), plate number S111111

Images courtesy of Stuart Katz


Bonanza (Scott 3924), and PBY Catalina (Scott 3917)
from 37¢ Advances in Aviation issue (Scott 3925a), plate number P2222222


Scott 3927 and Scott 3928
from 37¢ Rio Grande Blankets booklet (Scott 3928a), plate number P1111

Scott 3930, 37 Presidential Libraries, plate number S111


Kaiser Darrin (Scott 3932) and Nash Healey (Scott 3934)
from 37¢ Sporty Cars of the 1950s booklet (Scott 3935b), plate number P1111

Scott 3936, 37 Arthur Ashe, plate number P11111

Scott 3938, 37 Child Health, plate number V11111

Scott 3942, 37 Mambo from "Let's Dance" issue (Scott 3942a), plate number S11111111

Scott 3943, 37 Greta Garbo, plate number S1


Leo (Scott 3945) and Pegasus (Scott 3948)
from 37¢ Constellations block of 4 (Scott 3948a), plate number P111111


Santa, small 2005 date (Scott 3949) and Elves, small 2005 date (Scott 3952)
from 37¢ Christmas Cookies block of 4 (Scott 3952a), plate number S1111


Angel, large 2005 date (Scott 3955) and Elves, large 2005 date (Scott 3956)
from 37¢ Christmas Cookies booklet pane, die cut 10-3/4 x 11 (Scott 3956a), plate number S1111


John A. Lejeune (Scott 3961) and Daniel J. Daly (Scott 3964)
from 37 Distinguished Marines (Scott 3964a), plate number P1111111


Semi-postal issues

Scott B3, (37 + 8) Stop Violence, plate number V1111

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