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The First Bureau Series - 1895 issues

In 1895, the same 1894 issues were reprinted, but on watermarked paper with USPS in double-line capitals.

Scott 264, 1 Franklin, blue, plate number 314

The hint of a double line "S" watermark can be seen in the selvage.

Scott 264 var, 1 Franklin, pale blue, plate number 119

Scott 264 var, 1 blue, misperfed, plate number 102

Scott 264 var, 1¢ blue, misperfed at bottom, plate number 119

Scott 264 var, 1¢ blue, double set of horizontal perforations, plate number 297

Scott 265, 2 Washington, carmine Type I, plate number 114

Scott 266, 2 Washington, carmine Type II, plate number 126

Scott 266 var, 2 carmine Type II, imperf at bottom, plate number 132

Scott 267, 2 Washington, carmine Type III, plate number 187

Scott 267 var, 2 carmine Type III, shaded type used for plate numbers, plate number 183

Scott 267 var, 2¢ carmine Type III, imperf at top due to paper foldover, plate number 419

Image courtesy of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions

Scott 267 var, 2¢ carmine Type III, ink error due to foreign object (string?), plate number 157

Scott 267a, 2 Washington, pink Type III, plate number 339

Note the change of font for the plate numbers, which started with plate number 328.

Scott 267b var, 2¢ Washington, vermilion Type III, analine ink variety, plate number 499

The vermilion shade may not be apparent due to color variations with individual monitors. It was certified as 267b.

Image courtesy of eBay / MOstamps

Scott 268, 3 Jackson, violet, plate number 95

Scott 268a, 3¢ Jackson, imperforate error, plate number 103

Scott 269, 4 Lincoln, dark brown, plate number 195

Scott 269 var, 4 dark brown, plate number104, misperfed due to paper fold

Scott 269a, 4¢ Lincoln, imperforate error, plate number 94

Scott 270, 5 Grant, chocolate, plate number 162

Scott 270 vat, 5¢ Grant, misperfed in bottom selvage, plate number 193

Scott 270 vat, 5¢ Grant, misperfed in top selvage, plate number 253

Image courtesy of eBay / US Stamp Shop

Scott 271, 6 Garfield, dull brown, plate number 451

Scott 271a, 6 dull brown, watermarked USIR, plate number 248

Scott 272, 8 Sherman, violet brown, plate number 58

Scott 272a, 8 violet brown, watermarked USIR, plate number 58

Scott 272b, 8 violet brown, imperforate error, imprint strip of 3 with plate number 249

Scott 273, 10 Webster, dark green, plate number 305

Scott 273a, 10¢ dark green, imperforate error, plate number 305

Scott 273Pa, 10 dark green, proof, plate number 305

Scott 273P5, 10¢ dark green, proof on stamp paper, plate number 305

Scott 274, 15 Clay, dark blue, plate number 264

Scott 275, 50¢ Jefferson, orange, plate number 75

Scott 275a, 50 Jefferson, red orange, plate number 75

Scott 276, $1 Perry, black Type I, plate number 76

Plate number strip of 3 showing Scott 276, 276A and 276, $1 black Types I and II, plate number 76

Scott 277, $2 Madison, bright blue, plate number 84

Scott 277a, $2 Madison, dark blue, plate number 84

Image courtesy of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, from the Bill Gross collection

Scott 278, $5 Marshall, dark green, plate number 85


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